It is our mission to provide investment management with complete transparency, clear communication, and integrity. We believe you deserve the ability to customize your portfolio to meet your needs, regardless of portfolio size. You should be allowed to see what your money is doing and your investment managers should be held accountable. In 2001, our founders sought to offer solutions as alternatives to the selectiveness of customization and the lack of accountability. Today, this goal continues to drive our approach to investment management.

The Advantage


We provide investment management, risk advisory, and reporting services to a variety of fixed income institutions.

We have a reputation for providing innovative solutions to a broad client base, from corporate treasury mandates to state retirement funds. This reputation is backed by our track record of producing competitive portfolio returns through multiple market cycles.


Our team has a wealth of professional backgrounds in the finance industry including hedge funds, insurance companies, state endowments and Wall Street.

We have experience in managing everything from customized liquidity management and ultra short duration cash strategies to core bond and portfolio overlay strategies. We have a long established trading relationship with Wall Street that ensures you receive the best execution.

Client Focus

With Clearwater Advisors, you will receive the attention that you will not receive from larger firms.

You will receive timely and clear communication regarding portfolio positioning and the impact of market events. We also provide commentary around industry best practices, counterparty risk, and investments held in other portfolios. You can rely on our deep experience in fixed income to ease your workload.

Our Promise


Your primary point of contact is your portfolio manager. We are available to discuss markets and your portfolio at any time.


We consider ourselves an extension of your investment team, so your success is a top priority. We provide the insight to help achieve your investment policy goals.


Our expertise spans across many asset classes including government securities, structured products (ABS, MBS, CMBS), municipal bonds, and corporate bonds.


Your needs come first. We specialize in custom accounts and tailor our solutions to meet your investment objectives.

what we do

Risk Assessment

Whether investing in bank deposits or core plus strategies, understanding risk is essential. Risk mitigation is crucial to investment management. If you are looking to hire your first investment manager, or add to an established group, we are here for you. Let us help analyze your risk and framework for success.

Investment Management

Whether it is benchmark-specific exposure or a custom-tailored approach to investment management, we work closely with clients to design and implement investment strategies that meet diverse needs.

Reporting Solutions

Clearwater Advisors was the birthplace of Clearwater Analytics. Since splitting into separate companies, we have maintained our valued partnership with Clearwater Analytics. Clearwater Analytics is a leading provider of web-based investment portfolio accounting, reporting, and reconciliation services for institutional investors.


Our Process

Clearwater Advisor's fundamental tenets for the management of all discretionary portfolios:
  • Portfolio value is best captured through prudent sector allocation and security selection. Credit-intensive portfolios (i.e., an overweight to the credit sectors and individual credits) add the most relative value over benchmark returns in the long run.
  • Overall duration's contribution to a portfolio's excess return over a benchmark will be minimal in the long-run.
  • A portfolio largely constructed of marketable and transparent securities allows for better risk controls in times of market volatility.
  • Portfolios will be compliant with guidelines and policies to satisfy return and risk objectives with respect to their aggregate investment portfolio.

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Economic Outlook

Our process begins by developing an understanding of where the world is going. Top-down analysis of macroeconomic and general market conditions are performed by the firm's Investment Committee. 

Credit Research

Our edge lies within our prudent credit selection. Our in-house credit research process is structured to embrace our investment philosophy of preservation of capital, liquidity, and then return. 

Sector Relative Value

We use a top-down, relative value approach focused on identifying market opportunities within sectors, industries and credits that reflect our firm-wide view.

Yield Curve Analysis

The Investment Committee evaluates the yield curve and roll characteristics versus potential shifts and shocks to identify best portfolio positioning for clients.

Security Selection

We perform individual security analysis to identify bonds which display superior risk/reward characteristics to their generic cohort.

Trade Execution

Portfolio Managers utilize a combination of firm trading platforms to achieve best execution while maintaining compliance with client guidelines.

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